Covering all practical requirements of stakeholders at a hospital by evaluation criteria is possible by shifting the focus to specific needs of clinical end users.

Specialized systems for departments are no longer necessary if integrated functions of HIS or addons are capable of replacing them equivalently. Parameterization and personalization play a major role. The argument one HIS alone does not support all required functionalities could be refuted. After all, HIS offer numerous functions by default. Many information systems also allow constantly expanding with addons, thereby increasing efficiency.

Evaluation criteria depend on use case, objectives and evaluators. Nevertheless, with minor modifications, criteria can be transferred to other institutions, e.g. for benchmarking activities. Doctors, nursing staff and patients benefit from documentation support and workload reduction:  lower costs, less loss of information through transfers and faster, higher quality availability of uniquely recorded data. Therefore, criteria are not limited to a specific country or institution.